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The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About Web Design

There are some misconceptions about website designs and we want to clear them up. Some website designs won't work for your website and some advice we've seen in the past will actually end up hurting your website in the long run.


We're going to share the worst advice we've ever heard about website design and tell you why it's considered bad advice.

Where do we even start?

Most people know they need a website but don't know why? Most people think that if you build a website it will somehow magically start producing leads for your business.

So let's look at website design in a bit more depth.

The website is the digital "face" of your brand that represents what your company offers or sells. This includes website templates, colors, fonts, website content and website functionality. Everything about your website adds up to represent everything you have to offer online.

With so many different things being offered for businesses through social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest it can be daunting when trying to decide where you should spend most of your website budget on - website graphics or website performance?

Website performance is simply how fast it takes for people to load your website over their internet connection. Having a faster loading website will boost user experience by making pages easily accessible within seconds. It'll also means that people are more likely to spend more time on your website.

Website graphics is simply put the  images on your website, whether it be a header image or an image of your products.

This leads us to our first "worse advice" about website designs.

A website needs lots of animation to keep users interested so that they will inquire with your company. WRONG!

Its a common thought that this is true but there is an old saying that goes "ugly websites convert better" and what does that mean?  

It means that website pages with less light-weighted images, high in text will convert better than website pages full of graphics and design work. Just a few years ago this was a valid argument to make but it's still a thought that many website owners have.

Also keep into consideration the number of website visitors you get overtime, if over 100 visitors visit your website within a 24hr period then there is no point in making complicated animations for something that only one or two people may see. Keep things clean and simple.

*** In addition, adding too much animation could affect website performance causing it to load slower.

So you're telling me that if I just make a simple website that it will convert better? Not exactly!

Most websites only convert at 3% which means a vast majority of visitors don't actually convert. Which lead us to our second "worse advice" about website designs. Make a site that will convert everyone into leads.

This is nearly impossible; most people on the internet are window shoppers and to make things worse majority of people know that if they leave their name and number they are going to get harassed by a salesman.  

Instead of trying to get everyone to convert when they visit your site; pixel them and retarget them around the internet. This will dramatically increase your leads.

Which leads us to our last "worse advice" about website designs.  Only

do website designs that are "mobile responsive."

This is a terrible way to design sites. There are so many different mobile devices on the market, it's impossible to know if your website will appear correctly on all of them or not.

The best approach here is to create two versions of your site. One for people who use mobile devices and one for people who have regular computers. This way you can control how every user sees your website without worrying about what kind of device they're using to view it with.

If you follow this advice your website's traffic will increase exponentially!